Landcap is a Fractal Landscape Generator for DOS/VGA PC's, that I wrote when I was in college, circa 1993.

It was originally released as shareware, and got 1 (one) £10 registration for my efforts. It was reviewed in PC-Format magazine in the same issue as Alta-Vista, which was/is a much better commercial application that does the same thing. At the time, this was quite a novel little graphics app, but now there are many, many better free programs to do the same thing.

I have made "Landcap" available here, with source code (Pascal), as a curiosity only.

Landcap has been tested on DOS, Windows 95 and Windows XP. It seems to work without problems on desktop hardware, but you may have problems on exotic (non-VGA) video hardware, such as is used in modern laptops.

The source can also be viewed on GitHub:

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