CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a Free-to-Play Drag Racing game for mobile devices.

I worked as a programmer on the client team for CSR Racing from 2013.

CSR Racing is implemented in C#, using the Unity3D engine, and is available for iOS and Android. I joined the project for the 1.4.0 (Racing With Friends) update. My work included:

After 1.4.0 launched, I became Lead Programmer on CSR Racing, and have been responsible for the programming team (5 coders) since, delivering title updates, improving processes, and pushing new data to the live game.

BossAlien uses git for version control.

CSR is available from the iOS App Store, GooglePlay, and Amazon: CSR Racing.

Additionally, in 2018 as part of my role as a Director of Engineering for NaturalMotion (Zynga) I oversaw the GDPR compliance strategy and implementation for CSR Racing and Classics.

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