"piemansimon" is a simple game for PalmOS, that I made in my spare time:

PIEMANSIMON is a game of mimicry, first the palm plays, and then you mimic! One of four boxes will display, each with its own tone, the number of boxes increases with each turn, starting at one, then two, then three until you get to twentyfour. After the palm has played its sequence, the player mimics the sequence by either pressing on the box itself or on the corresponding buttons below. The pace of the game can be varied in the options, where you can also switch on the time limit, both will earn you more points!

PIEMANSIMON is two games within itself, after selecting play, simon-pieman then qives you the option of playing pieman, or simon. The "simon" game is proqressive, in that the sequence remains the same but one lonqer each turn, "pieman", however, plays a new sequence each turn.

"piemansimon" was written in PocketC on a Palm V device, it was released in 2000 as freeware.

I have made the game available here. Please note it requires the PocketC runtime installed on a PalmOS device. I haven't tested it in an emulator.


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