GTA Double Pack (GTA III Xbox Port)

GTA III is a ground breaking and hugely popular open world action/adventure game.

I worked as the lead programmer on the Xbox port of GTA3 it as part of the Rockstar Vienna team between 2003 and 2004. As a lead on this project, my work split was roughly 60/40 programming/management. I worked closely with Clemens Beer, lead of the Vice City half of the double-pack, to ensure effort on the two very similar code bases was not duplicated.

GTA3 was implemented in C++ using the RenderWare engine for the PS2.

The remit of the port was to improve the game visually without changing the gameplay or tone. Visual improvements made included:

A significant part of the porting work was optimisation. One of the things I was "hands on" involved in improving was the load time, which was achieved using the Capture File technique I presented at the ACCU conference in 2004.

Rockstar used Alienbrain for version control.

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